Protection against counterfeit drugs & transparency in the pharmaceutical supply chain

The global distribution will come under pressure by an increasing number of counterfeit drugs found in the legal supply chain. The product integrity of medicinal products is threatened by  professional falsifiers delivering almost deceptively realistic reproduction of genuine drugs. According to Interpol more than 1 million people die each year as a result of counterfeit drugs.

As а consequence,  counterfeit drugs may erode public confidence in health care systems, health care professionals, the manufacturers and distributors of genuine drugs, and the Regulatory Authorities, says WHO.

Proof of originality at the point of sale is almost impossible for healthcare professionals, and secondary packages of drugs are usually not secured by tamper-proof seals.

The conference FUTURE: Supply Chain – Pharma offers a unique and comprehensive overview on trends and latest developments within the pharmaceutical supply chain. Further information on counterfeit medicinal products, options for improving product security and patient safety. We wish to carry out a joint conference that  joins different actors to discuss, and preferably also to implement, measures that help to fight counterfeit products and to minimize risk-to-patient by  global pharmaceutical distribution.

Secured supply chains rely on serialisation, but this is not the sole answer. Visible and hidden security attributes on product packaging or directly on unit dosage forms will increase product security for patients. Only joint initiatives and combined measures prevent falsified medicines from entering the legal supply chain!

Our mission is to bring together decision-makers and solution providers from the life science industries, authorities, politics, and parties concerned to discuss measures for secured trade lanes and secured product packaging and delivery.

In detail we provide

Lectures on the globalization of fakers, on liability & warranty, the role of investigative authorities, the new DIN EN 16679 on packaging – tamper verification features for medicinal product packaging, the implementation of European Commission’s Falsified Medicines Directive (2011/62/EU),  introduction to the German project securPharm e.V. and insights to IT data security regarding serialization.

FUTURE: Supply Chain – Pharma will  approach the central theme of the convention from multiple perspectives in presentations and supplier sessions in a focused and competent way – a  360° all-round view for participants from different sectors, such as pharma & biotech, diagnostics, medical devices, cosmetics and dietary supplements.  The unique composition of speakers will enable the various representatives in one single event to gain an insight into the overall trends in anti-counterfeiting and medicinal product integrity.


Our responsibility is to aim at preventing falsified medicinal products from entering the legitimate supply chain. This conference shall encourage the general public to become involved in the fight against drug counterfeiting. The patient´s response regarding potentially spurious/falsely-labelled/falsified/counterfeit medicines (SFFC) is a key element to secure  pharmaceutical supply chains globally. 

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